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Beanstack FAQ’s

What is Beanstack:

Beanstack is a digital platform that allows you to participate in Mansfield Public Library's various learning challenges by easily tracking your reading, writing reviews or completing activities.

How it works:

First, sign up for a free Beanstack account for yourself or the whole family. Next, start reading, logging your minutes and participating in activities. As you log reading minutes and activities, you start earning tickets and badges that go toward entries into prize drawings. When signing up, Beanstack will automatically direct you to a challenge with age appropriate reading prompts and activities. If no challenge is currently available, you can still use Beanstack to record your personal reading goals.

How to sign up:

You can sign up for different learning challenges by either clicking on the "Go To Beanstack" button above to access Beanstack from your computer or through the Beanstack app. The Beanstack app is available in iOS or Android. You can sign up as an individual or the whole family together. Parents can also create a Beanstack account for their kids. 

Get the Beanstack App:

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Can I still use Beanstack if there are no current challenges?

Yes, absolutely! Use Beanstack to track your own personal reading goals. It’s a great tool to use all year long. New challenges may be announced as well throughout the year.

Is there a charge to do this?

There is no charge to participate in any of our reading programs. Read and log as much as you like! 

What are achievement badges?

Readers earn achievements when they hit major reading milestones, like logging their first book, completing their first challenge, adding their tenth friend, or maintaining a lengthy reading streak, as well as when they read on special days or holidays. Achievements are not connected to challenges,  and instead are tied solely to a reader's actions. The central Beanstack team determines what earns an achievement, and their availability is a surprise, like an Easter egg in a video game. The more days users enter their reading, the higher their chances are of garnering achievements!

Here is a list of the current Beanstack achievements