How to Rent Online

Summary: Create account or login > Reservations > Check Availability > View Availability > View Available Times > Book > Choose time range > Check availability > Enter info and answer questions > Select desired times > Calculate Fees > Initial Waiver > Reserve > Make Payment

1. First create an account or login to your existing account.

2. Click RESERVATIONS from the top menu. 

3. Click CHECK AVAILABILITY button. 

4. Click View Availability next to the facility you wish to check. 

5. Click View Available Times on the desired date. 

6. Click BOOK next to the facility you wish to rent. (Note: If you need to rent 2 or more pavilions or fields, you will want to go to RESERVATIONS on the top menu then RESERVE A FACILITY). 

7. Choose a time range to narrow your search. (Please note there are restrictions on how closely or far out reservations can be made). Click CHECK AVAILABILITY. 

8. There are step by step instructions listed under Check Availability. Under the Availability section, enter the details of your event including Event Name, Attendance, answering the questions and choosing a specific time range. 

9. Click the boxes for the times you wish to rent. Each box represents 30 minutes of time. Red check marks indicate the facility is unavailable. 

10. Click CALCULATE CHARGES. This is your fee based on facility chosen and your residency. It also includes any light fees if you have chosen a field during a lighted time. 

11. Click the blue link for POLICIES to read the policies for that facility. Enter your initials to agree to the waiver/acknowledgement of policies. 

12. Click RESERVE. 

13. Enter your payment information. Click the box for “I am 13 years of age or older”. 

14. Click CONTINUE. 

15. Your reservation request has been submitted. Review the receipt for accuracy and contact the MAC at (817) 728- 3680 or if you have any questions or changes. 

16. Your reservation request will be reviewed by staff and within 24-72 hours you will receive an email with permit approval. Please have this permit with you (printed or on your phone) at your rental. 

17. If you did not provide complete information or staff has questions about your event, you will be contacted by phone or email before your rental can be approved. 

18. If you need to cancel your rental, please complete a Rental Cancellation Request form.