Walnut Creek Linear Park

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Lighted Trails5 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Unlighted Trails5 a.m. to 30 min. past sundown

Walnut Creek Linear Park is home to the Walnut Creek Linear Trail, one of Mansfield's most popular amenities that features wide concrete paths perfect for the leisurely stroll, running or biking. Amenities along the trail include bird watching stations, scenic overlooks of Walnut Creek and picnic stations. The historic railroad bridge, “Jeffryes Crossing,” was named after Steve Jeffryes who served on the Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation Board from 1994 to 2004.

Click here for information about the Walnut Creek Linear Trail detour between Rose Park and Hardy Allmon Soccer Complex.

Phase 1 is 1.9 miles long and connects five parks and three neighborhoods. Access the trail from any of these points:

  • Town Park, 500 N. Main Street
  • Katherine Rose Memorial Park, 303 N Walnut Creek Drive
  • Hardy Allmon Soccer Complex, 310 N Walnut Creek Drive
  • James McKnight Park West, 302 N Wisteria Drive
  • James McKnight Park East, 700 US Hwy 287

Phase 2B is 1.35 miles long and connects Oliver Nature Park to the 360 Tollway access road. Access the trail from these points:

  • Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park, 1650 Matlock Road (paved trail begins at the rear loop of the ONP trails; please note bikes are not allowed on any non-paved surfaces per city ordinance but may be walked through ONP to get to the Phase 2 trail)
  • Neighborhood trail access, Fox Hollow Drive at Saddlehorn Lane (no on-street parking, pedestrian access only)
  • Philip Thompson Soccer Complex, 1701 N Holland Drive
  • 360 Tollway Access Road, between Debbie Lane and Broad Street near Walnut Ridge Baptist Church

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