MAC Rentals

The Mansfield Activities Center has four rooms and a full gymnasium available for rent for parties, meetings or special events. Add-on options include a full warming kitchen. Banquet tables and chairs are included with each room rental with the option to add-on round tables. The gym may be used as one regulation basketball court or two half-courts, or one regulation volleyball court, or four pickleball courts (using the full court.) MAC rentals must be done in person at least two weeks in advance at the Mansfield Activities Center and annual MAC membership is required. See below for full policies and regulations or contact the MAC for additional questions.

Plans change?  Complete a Rental Cancellation form.

  1. MAC Rental Policies
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  3. Fees + Specs


  • MAC rentals are done in-person on a first-come, first-served basis at least 2 weeks in advance of desired date.
  • Renter must be 21 years old, have a current MAC Card and be present for duration of rental.
  • Limit two reservations per person or group on the books at one time.
  • Minimum one hour rental during operating hours and minimum three hour rental during non-operating hours.
  • Rentals are taken for dates as far as the current Rec Guide is published (generally dates 2-4 months from now). 
  • All rentals fees, membership fees, and $100 damage deposit due at booking.
  • $25 fee if reservation is canceled after permit has been issued.


  • Set up and clean up time must be included in your reservation.
  • Each renter will be in charge of their set up, tear down & clean up. Rooms come empty and should be returned empty.
  • Cleaning requirements consist of removing your trash from the building, sweeping and mopping, and wiping down tables and counters.
  • MAC Staff will be present during your reservation time and will be able to assist with any cleaning supplies or other needs.
  • $100 damage deposit will be returned after the rental as long as the room is clean and policies were followed.


  • Alcohol is not allowed anywhere on the property.
  • Sidewalk chalk, confetti eggs, glitter, smoke machines and water balloons are prohibited.
  • The room will not be available for use until the start of the stated rental time AND the renter has checked in at the front desk.
  • Full court gym rentals can only be booked during non-operating hours; half-court gym rentals are available when the gym is not programmed.
  • Graduation parties, events with 100+ guests or any event for 12-25 year olds will be screened for an off-duty officer. Rentals may be required to have an off-duty Police Officer present.
  • Rentals with a DJ, band or any subwoofers must rent all 4 rooms.
  • Additional deposit of $150 is required for any rental with a DJ, band, subwoofers and any wedding or wedding reception rental.
  • Amplified music or sound, whether from DJ or other mode (i.e. iPod), must not exceed 100db at the source and must not interfere with front desk operations. Music shall be turned down at staff’s request. Room doors should remain closed when music is playing.