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Coyote Reporting

Coyote WalkingIf there is an emergency coyote related situation, where your life or any citizen’s life is in immediate danger, please call 911 immediately.

During business hours any calls concerning coyotes, please contact Animal Care & Control at 817-276-4799. After hours calls, contact the Mansfield Police Department Non-Emergency at 817-473-0211

To report a seen coyote or coyote incident, please use the form below.

Basic Facts

Mansfield Animal Care & Control are primarily trained and equipped to handle domestic pet issues, ordinance enforcement of animal related ordinances, and loose pets or livestock. Wildlife are not domesticated animals and are a vital part of the ecosystem, even in heavily populated areas. Wildlife, particularly Coyotes, cannot be safely trapped in most cases and if they are trapped cannot be successfully relocated. As a general rule, it is not good practice to remove wildlife, even from urban areas. The most common practice used by the majority of cities is to implement a Wildlife Management Plan and ensure residents are aware of the behavioral patterns and natural lifestyle practices of wildlife in order to coexist with all forms of wildlife.

Coexisting with Coyotes Flyer

Additional Information

There is currently information available on our website and in print available at the Mansfield Animal Care & Control Shelter, located at 407 Industrial Blvd, Mansfield TX 76063, and at the Public Safety Building and at the reception counter at City Hall. The material should answer the majority of questions most residents have regarding wildlife. We ask that you please be patient and allow us time to address this issue once we are able to thoroughly investigate and research every plan of action to ensure the best possible solutions for our city.

Report a Coyote Sighting