Estes Cemetery

From downtown Mansfield, take E Broad Street to the end of town where it becomes England Parkway in Grand Prairie. Continue east to North Grand Peninsula drive and then turn north. Turn north again when you reach Arlington Webb Britton Road. Then take the first right on a dirt road to the cemetery.


When James Estes and his family moved to the Mansfield-Webb area in the mid 1850s, little did he know he would bury his wife Sarah within a short time. She died on April 16, 1857, and was the first to be buried in what is now known as the Estes Cemetery. James set aside one acre of land as a cemetery for his family. A few days after his wife died, his granddaughter, Mary A. Estes died and was buried April 22, 1857. His son Baalis, was buried December 28, 1857. Another granddaughter, Texana T. Estes was buried August 23, 1861. James died two and a half years later, on March 23, 1864. He was buried beside his wife.

James and Sarah's son, Silas, took over responsibility for the cemetery. He decided to make it available for friends and neighbors in their hour of need. At this time, there were approximately a dozen families living within a five mile radius of the cemetery. They were all welcomed to use the cemetery as a resting place for loved ones. As of March, 1996, there are fifty known families with over 140 burials at Estes Cemetery. We use the term "known" because many gravestones have been stolen or vandalized, leaving many unmarked graves. Burial in the cemetery is now limited to direct descendants of the original families. In August, 1990, a major restoration was begun by the descendants and it is now a well-maintained place of beauty.

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