Perry Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Webb Community of Mansfield, Texas. From the Westlake Hardware store on Matlock Road, there is a wood fence line at the back of the neighborhood. Facing the hardware store, go right into the grass. About 30 yards from the edge of the store is a clump of trees along the fence line.


This small cemetery is located off Matlock and Ragland Roads in Mansfield (about five miles east of Mansfield on the northeast corner of Ragland Extension and Ragland Road, Mapsco grid 125E. The eight to ten original grave markers and an ornamental fence were removed years ago. Only one marker was recovered, that of Sarah Jane Gibson Perry, 1828-1855 and it is now surrounded by an ornamental metal fence.

She was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Perry. Perry, a Confederate Army veteran, and was an early settler in the Mansfield area. He is buried in the Estes Cemetery. His second wife, Margaret Amanda Melvina Burford, was the niece of Col. Middleton Tate Johnson. The cemetery property was deeded to the Mansfield Historical Society in 1986. The Society deeded the cemetery to the descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte Perry the same year.

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