Wyatt's Chapel Cemetery

Wyatt's Chapel Cemetery is located on the corner of Highway 287 and F.M. 157 in northern Mansfield, in the parking lot behind Applebee's restaurant.


Thomas L. Cope and his wife, Elizabeth, deeded to ED.L. Tims, as Trustee of Methodist Episcopal Church South, 22 acres of land to be used as a public burial ground, known as Wyatt's Chapel Cemetery on May 1, 1880.

Wyatt's Chapel became a community church for all denominations as deeded. There are known to be people of both Methodist and Catholic faith buried at Wyatt's Chapel Cemetery. There are two Civil War veterans buried at the site: John Joseph. Hard, a Confederate soldier and John Bell Mabry, a Union solider.

Although none of the Wyatt family is recorded as being buried in Wyatt's Chapel, the cemetery was used from 1882 (earliest recorded internment) to 1912 (last recorded internment). Until the original deed from Cope to the Methodist Church Trustees was discovered by Beryl S Gibson of the Mansfield Historical Society in 1984, the Methodist Conference was unaware they owned the cemetery. In 1999, the Methodist Church of Mansfield sold the cemetery property for development.

Subsequent to the sale, Kossman Development Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, conducted an archeological survey. Research by the Maserang Family and the Mansfield Historical Society listed twelve known burials. After excavation, 43 burials were plotted in the cemetery.

Current Day

The remaining stones are likely located somewhere within the 27 undeveloped acres surrounding the cemetery, having succumbed to vandalism.The cemetery dedication on approximately 1 3/4 acres was removed and the 1/4 acre containing the graves will become a Memorial Park with a commercial development.

Wyatt's Chapel received a Official Texas Historical Cemetery Designation from the Texas Historical Commission in 2001. The redevelopment of the property around the cemetery and the construction of a Memorial Park to commemorate the history of the site are tributes to the preservation of heritage in the Mansfield community.

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