Cope Grove

Cope Grove was originally known as the Howerton Grove, named after a man who settled here during its early days. He died before or during the Civil War. His widow and two daughters remained in the area until shortly after the War when the widow died and the two daughters were sent to live with an uncle. Howerton Grove continued for some time after J.B. Cope bought the property and moved to the area in 1875. It eventually became known as Cope Grove due the the family's settlement of the land.

Other settlers in the area were:

  • William Lowe
  • I. Emmons
  • Vieson Curry
  • Thomas Curry
  • I.B. Goodnight

Nixon Curry had settled in the area about a year earlier. West and southwest of the area were the families of Jacob Back, John Germany, William and Cyrus Howard. Richard Bratton, L.H. Stephens and Joseph Nugent lived in the proximity of the area.