What Do We Want?

Our goal from the start of this process was always to create an ambitious but achievable citizen-driven plan that reflected both the wants and needs of our residents and the strategic vision of city leaders. As such, community feedback was a high priority throughout the campaign and gathered in a variety of formats. 


  • Online Survey
  • Public Meetings
  • In-Person Pop Ups
  • Facebook Town Hall Virtual Meeting
  • Social Posts & Discussion
  • Mansfield News-Mirror Article


  • Over the last five years, 59% say park facilities have Improved; 37% say no change; 5% say declined
  • Most important park activities to Mansfield Families are Exercise & Fitness (75%), Community Events (72% and Youth Sports (71%)
  • 41% say the parks are a good value; 32% consider them a great value
  • Most requested facilities: Neighborhood parks, swimming pool/aquatic center, natural areas, splash pads and playgrounds
  • Based on priority matrix comparing importance to need, highest priority amenities are dog parks, ponds, natural areas, trails and fitness. Highest priority programs are exercise, teen activities, youth sports and community events.
  • Based on priority matrix, lowest priority needs are volleyball courts, football fields, pickleball courts and skateboard park. Lowest priority programs are tennis, dance, golf and martial arts.


  • "We really need to start with a community pool.  It is embarrassing that a city as large as Mansfield has nothing when Arlington has about 10 places."
  • "Less businesses and homes, More nature"
  • "We love living in Mansfield and would love to see the few green areas that haven’t been developed turned into spaces for everyone to enjoy."
  • "The city has grown at a strong rate, while parks to support the growth have not progressed." 
  • "Small neighborhood courts. Our kids need to be able to safely walk to places to gather with other neighbors."
  • "More trails and walkability throughout the community." 
  • "The condition of the baseball fields is awful!  Cities with much less money than Mansfield have nicer baseball fields.  I am embarrassed when family comes from out of town to see our fields."  
  • "Mansfield needs more parks for ALL abilities....our special needs population is growing tremendously."
  • "I think some of the facilities are dated and need to be updated.  I also believe we need to invest in a community fitness facility with indoor fitness equipment, classes, etc."
  • "In my opinion, a public pool or aquatic center is VERY much needed for our city and community." 
  • "I am proud to live in a community that values nature and health.   The linear trail is amazing."
  • "Mansfield Parks and Rec have played a HUGE part in raising our family here and are an integral part of our lives."


  • Online Survey: Aug. 24-Sept. 10
  • Open House: Aug. 27, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Parks Admin, 1164 Matlock Road
  • Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. on Facebook 
  • Social Media Conversations: Facebook, NextDoor and Instagram
  • Submit a question or comment below

Thank you for your participation. These are YOUR parks and your feedback is crucial to designing the future for Mansfield Parks that our residents truly want to see! We appreciate any and all contributions to the conversation.