Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are a lot of questions about the Public Health Emergency. We have provided the documents in their entirety on the City website. This FAQ on our COVID-19 page offers answers to some topics. If you have any other questions, you can email

Do I need a permit to travel in Mansfield? Not at this time. Essential travel is identified in the declaration and order (Section 15.e)

What are essential retail stores? Essential retail is defined in the order as food service providers including grocery and warehouse stores, liquor stores, bodegas, gas stations, convenience stores and other retail that sell household staples and pet food and services directly to residents.

Can retailers not defined as essential sell products online? Yes. Retail establishments that do not qualify as essential must close to the public. But they may sell products online or by phone and provide delivery or drive-up availability to customers.

Are the parks open? All Mansfield playgrounds, courts and skate parks are closed to the public. This includes swings and play structures at all parks, volleyball and basketball courts, outdoor fitness stations and the Chandler Park skateboard park. Trails and open spaces will remain open as long as the public uses them responsibly with proper social distancing and have no more than 10 people in a group. Restrooms at all park facilities are closed due to limited supplies given the current public health emergency. Drinking fountains are closed to prevent the spread of germs.

Are landscapers allowed to mow yards or perform landscaping work at commercial or private residences? Yes. Landscaping is a service identified as necessary to maintain property and homes. Workers must practice social distancing.

Can pet groomers be open? Pet groomers may be open for services but not to the public. Clients should bring their pet to the door for drop off and pickup at door when completed.

Can non-essential business owners travel to and from work and/or work inside their business to produce online materials, informational videos or other functions? Yes, as long as the business is not open to the public. If more than one person is in the business, they must abide by the no more than 10 people order and practice social distancing.

Are solicitors allowed to go door-to-door with or without a permit? In any event, solicitors are required to have a permit. However under this declaration solicitation permits are not being issued.

Are home services such as electricians, plumbers, exterminators etc. and utility workers such as gas, water and cable TV allowed to come to my home or work? Yes, at this time they are allowed to work in your home or your business and must practice social distancing.

How will Mansfield enforce the City’s declaration? The Mansfield Police Department, under the authority of the Chief of Police, will handle all questions about the declaration and any enforcement issues. Email