Family Olympics Events

Day Five

Super Sponge Squeezin’ Scurry 

Place two buckets at least 6 feet away from each other; one filled water and a sponge or washcloth and the other empty.  Players will try to get as much water in the empty bucket as possible by filling the sponge with water and squeezing it out in the empty bucket.  Players can compete one at a time for a set time limit (i.e. how much water can you get in 3 minutes) or if you have four buckets, two players can race to see who reaches a fill line first. Make it Harder: Set the buckets further apart from each other, use a smaller sponge or washcloth, use a teaspoon instead of a sponge.

Cloudy Skies/Rain Delay

Sit in a chair and hold an empty bowl on your head with one hand. Place a bowl full of cotton balls in your lap. See how many cotton balls you can get into the bowl on your head using only a spoon in one minute. Make it Harder: Wet the cotton balls and try again! 

Water Archery

One contestant sits with a disposable paper or plastic cup balanced on their head and wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes. The other stands 5-8 feet away with a spray bottle full of water. They have 30 seconds to knock the cup off by spraying it with water; fastest time wins. Make it Harder: Turn the spray bottle dial to mist for a softer flow, blindfold the contestant with the bottle or move them further away.

Day Four

Mobile Balance Beam 

You will balance a ball or other small object like a toy, grape or rock on a "beam" while running or walking to a finish line.  Your beam can be as challenging as you want; a ruler, a spoon, a pencil, a hairbrush or even a straw. Fastest speed wins.  Make it Harder: Try different combinations of beams and objects for a more complicated challenge, or race two at a time.

Human Pyramid 

See how tall of a pyramid you can build using paper plates and disposable cups (paper or plastic.) Add the plates between cups to give stability and make larger bases. Score based on adding the height of your pyramid to the number of cups used. Make it Harder: Use varied sizes of cups or start with the cups spread around the room to add a physical challenge.

Go for Copper

Gather as many pennies as you can find and challenge each other to see how many each player can stack in a tower using only one hand in one minute. Make it Harder: Use your non-dominate hand, try it blindfolded, or add other coins to the mix.

Day Three

Kangaroo Pouch Race  

Use a pillowcase or trash bag and have a sack race. No running or walking allowed--all players must hop the entire time! Players who walk/run or fall over must start over. Be sure you are on soft ground with nothing around to bump into! Make it Harder: Set a longer distance for the race.


Set up a laundry basket or bucket on its side and using a broom as your hockey stick.  You have 3 minutes to see how many goals you make. Make it Harder: Stand further away, try using a smaller broom or stick, or add obstacles to shoot around. 

Feed the Tigers

One player holds a cup of small, dry food (M&Ms, popcorn, beans, etc) and another player holds an empty cup.  Try to catch as many pieces in the empty cup in one minute. Total number of pieces caught is your score for the round. Make it Harder: Try stepping further away, blindfolding one or both players and rely on communicating with each other (or the other players communicating to them) to help align, or catching the food in your mouth instead of a cup.

Day Two

Hoppin’ Hurdles 

Line up 5 items of varied heights in a row with about 2-4 feet in between.  Use items like stacks of books, plastic bowls, trash can, stack of pillows, stuffed animals, cardboard boxes, etc. Time how long each player takes to cross the finish line; add 5 seconds to your time if you hit one of the hurdles.   Make it Harder: Try more or taller items or require players to start over if they knock anything down.

Knee High Shot Put

Gather several balls or round items like oranges/apples in various sizes.  Lay a hula hoop on the ground or draw a circle out of chalk or tape. See how many items you can get into the circle using only your knees in one minute. Count only the items still in the circle when time runs out! Make it Harder: Add more balls, make the circle smaller, or have two players compete at the same time, with one trying to keep things out of the circle and the other trying to get them in.

Hungry Hungry Hippos 

All players place a cookie on their forehead and walk in circles without dropping the cookie. The winner is the last one to keep the cookie up. Players must keep moving the entire time and cannot drop the cookie or hold it in their mouth. Make it Harder: Play music and have everyone find a seat when the music stops like musical chairs!

Day One

Upload photos or videos of your family participating in day one events to this Facebook post to be eligible for prizes and awards

Tee Time with Tea Cups

 Set three cups of any size at different ranges with points (10-20-30) assigned based on distance (further is harder.) Find a "golf club" which could be a baseball bat, broom, wrapping paper, or any other stick. Each player takes three putts and the highest score wins.  In the event of a tie, keep putting at further distance until you have a winner. Adults have authority to deem anyone’s putt as "practice" as needed. Make it Harder: Try moving the cups further away, adding obstacles to put around, using more creative putters or even putting blindfolded!

The Dream Team 

You have one minute to see how many baskets you can get.  Use a piece of paper and trash can as your basket and hoop if needed.  Make it Harder: Step further away, blindfold the player, allow other players to "guard" the shooter, or make up other silly restrictions like hopping on one foot or doing math facts as you shoot.

Potato Curling 

Make a straight line on the ground using tape or chalk.  Push a potato along the line using only a wooden spoon; start over if it rolls off the line.   Each player has one minute to see how many times they can go back and forth along the line. Make it Harder: Make a longer line or use a smaller and/or rounder object like an orange or ball.