Mansfield Volunteer Program

The MansfielMansfield Volunteer Programd Volunteer Program affectionately known as the MVP began in 2015 with the inception of the Volunteer Coordinator position within the City of Mansfield's Code Compliance Department. City Council formed a sub-committee whose focus was maintaining property values as well as improving Code Compliance. Realizing that there is often a root cause that an individual may be out of compliance, the MVP matches individuals and organizations wishing to serve in the community  with those that may need assistance.

Mansfield has an impressive base of volunteers that has gained national and state-wide recognition.  With over 10k annual volunteers, this program often produces over 55k hours of sweat equity. From cleaning trash in parks and creeks to building ADA compliant ramps and rails, MVP focuses on community collaboration. 

Interested in volunteering?  Fill out this Volunteer Interest Form.

  1. Julie Sheffler

    Volunteer Coordinator

President's Volunteer Service Award

Did you know that the City of Mansfield is authorized to issue the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)?  What's the PVSA you ask? It's a prestigious award issued by the President of the United States to recognize outstanding volunteer service in a given year. 

Did you know that you or an organization you serve with can submit service hours to the City of Mansfield for consideration to earn a PVSA? 

Check back soon for an opportunity to submit your individual or group hours online.