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The City of Mansfield is always looking for bright, motivated people with a passion for community service and a desire to get involved with local government. The City of Mansfield's internship program is centered around students' educational and professional goals, and gives students an opportunity to grow and develop their skills. 

City of Mansfield Internship

City of Mansfield internships are available during the spring, summer and fall semesters, and cover a majority of the city's departments. They are aimed at undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in college, or students receiving education for technical certifications and diplomas. Acceptance into the program is based on the availability of funding, as well as the availability of space within the departments that are most appropriate to the applicant's identified interests. Our goal is to make sure every intern who completes this program has a hands-on experience that helps them advance their careers. There is no guarantee that there will be a space or need in every department, every semester. 

Program participants can expect to work 20 hours a week for a period of 10-12 weeks, dependent on their schedule flexibility. They will gain an understanding and appreciation of the roles, duties and responsibilities of a municipal professional and the people they they serve. Interns are representatives of the City of Mansfield, their schools and their community. Our departments are committed to providing each intern with the highest on-the-job training as possible. In turn, we expect our interns to make the most of their opportunity!

Fill out an interest card or apply today to be considered for the next opportunity to join the City of Mansfield and make a difference! Each applicant should include a cover letter and resume demonstrating their applicable skills and career interests.

Internship Focus Areas

Here are the areas within the City of Mansfield to which interns may gain exposure: 

  • Finance, Budget & Accounting

    Finance in the public sector can be complex and multifaceted. There are a number of funding sources that ultimately translate into low- or no-cost services for Mansfield residents. Additionally, this department deals with capital equipment and capital improvement projects, which require long-term visioning and planning.
  • Community Engagement (Marketing & Communications, Cultural Arts, Public Records Management)

    Our communications professionals are responsible for promoting City of Mansfield programs, services and events. They are also responsible for communicating important news updates, updates in times of disaster and more. Also within this program are responsibilities specific to governmental transparency and records management.
  • Community Services (Historical Services, Parks & Recreation, Public Library)

    The City of Mansfield places heavy emphasis on the amenities that truly turn a town in a hometown. Recreation is the bread and butter of what makes Mansfield the place we call home, and the Community Services Division deals with the maintenance and expansion of these amenities for residents and visitors.
  • Development & Building/Facility Services

    The departments within this area provide key support to the functions that are essential to the creation, growth and identity of the City of Mansfield. Development Services professionals work heavily within the scope of policy, codes, ordinances, and other developmental frameworks that influence projects every step of the way.
  • Engineering

    Civil engineering is an integral part of municipal services and is responsible for the oversight of all street, drainage, water and sewer improvements within the City of Mansfield. 
  • Environmental Services & Water Utilities

    The City of Mansfield is unique in the fact that we own and operate our own water treatment plant that provides our residents and neighboring communities with fresh, clean water. Many factors go into the planning and operation of our water infrastructure. Additionally, our environmental departments are responsible for educating residents on the importance of taking care of our world. 
  • Hospitality & Tourism (Special Events, Historic Downtown)

    Hospitality in the city works around the understanding that we need to not only preserve and maintain our amenities, but promote them to all corners of our city and beyond. We love telling people about what makes Mansfield great, and our hospitality departments help tell that story.
  • Mansfield Volunteer Program

    The Mansfield Volunteer Program is a component of our Neighborhood Services Outreach Program, with its operations seated in the Code Compliance Department. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for collaborating with individuals and organizations across the City of Mansfield, and for organizing opportunities to help those in need. Mansfield has an impressive base of volunteers that has gained national and statewide recognition. With more than 10,000 annual volunteers, this program typically produces more than $55,000 in sweat equity every year.