City Charter & Code of Ordinances


This online version of the Mansfield City Code is not the official version. The only official version is available through the City Secretary’s Office located on the first floor of the City Hall. This online version may differ from the official version and should be used for general information purposes only.

These documents are not the definitive authority for local legislation. Additionally the formatting and pagination of the posted documents varies from the formatting and pagination of the official copy. The official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to taking any action.

Please note: The Code of Ordinances is updated quarterly. 

Any adopted ordinances not reflected in the online version of the Code of Ordinances will be listed below.

Ordinances Recently Approved 

  1. OR-2259-22 Small Cell Lease Agreement.pdf
  2. OR-2260-22 Change of Zoning to PD - Habitat for Humanity
  3. OR-2261-22 Appointing Callaway as Judge of Municipal Court.pdf
  4. OR-2262-22 Amending Chapter 155 Zoning - Creating SOMA.pdf
  5. OR-2263-22 Adopting Residential Homestead Property Tax Exemption of 12%.pdf
  6. OR-2264-22 Amending the Landscaping and Screening Standards.pdf
  7. OR-2265-22 Change of Zoning to S, South Mansfield Form Based Development District - Villages at South Pointe.pdf
  8. OR-2266-22 Historic Landmark Overlay District for 205 North Street.pdf
  9. OR-2267-22 Amending Chapter 158 Regarding Multi-Family Dwelling Complexes.pdf
  10. OR-2269-22 Adopting the FY 23 Budget.pdf
  11. OR-2270-22 Levying the FY 23 Ad Valorem Tax Rate.pdf
  12. OR-2271-22 Amending Chapter 91 Fire Protection and Prevention.pdf
  13. OR-2272-22 Historic Landmark Overlay - Mansfield Cemetery - 750 W. Kimball St..pdf
  14. OR-2273-22 Change of Zoning to D and D-3 -700 E Broad St.pdf
  15. OR-2274-22 Conveyance of 46 Acres of Real Property.pdf
  16. OR-2275-22 Development Agreement with Chisholm Flats.pdf
  17. OR-2276-22 Creation of TIRZ #3 Starlin Ranch.pdf
  18. OR-2277-22 Amending Provisions of S, SOMA District.pdf
  19. OR-2280-22 Amendmnets to Roadway Impact Fees.pdf
  20. OR-2281-22 Amending the Master Thoroughfare Plan.pdf
  21. OR-2282-22 Change of Zoning to SOMA (Wisteria).pdf
  22. OR-2284-22 Establishing Tax Abatement Reinvestment Zone #46.pdf
  23. OR-2285-22 Establishing TIRZ #4 Hanover.pdf
  24. OR-2286-22 Change of Zoning to PD.pdf
  25. OR-2288-23 Amending Chapter 155 Pertaining to Donation Boxes.pdf
  26. OR-2289-23 Amending Chapter 155 Pertaining to Desgin Guidelines fr Historic Landmarks.pdf
  27. OR-2290-23 (Spanish) Calling a Special Election for Two Ballot Propositions.pdf
  28. OR-2290-23 Calling a Special Election for Two Ballot Propositions.pdf
  29. OR-2291-23 Standards of Care for Kids Zone Program.pdf