Bond Program 2022

Mansfield Bond Program 2022 Info

How the City of Mansfield is providing noteworthy essentials and remarkable experiences 

The Mansfield City Council is in the beginning stages of asking its residents to consider various capital project ideas that would provide noteworthy essentials and remarkable experiences for the Mansfield community. 

From September to December, leaders throughout the City of Mansfield will share capital project ideas with a committee of Mansfield residents known as the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee. The committee will consider a multigenerational facility, a veterans memorial, parks, a town center, streets, and other project ideas.

The committee will refer project ideas it supports to the City Council, which will ultimately decide which and how many of the project ideas it will ask the public to consider.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email This email address is monitored by city staff members. 

To view a list questions we expect to receive about our 2022 bond program, as well as answers to those questions, click here

Public Meetings

On Nov. 16 and Oct. 28, the City of Mansfield hosted public, town hall-style meetings in which Mansfield residents shared their opinions about the 2022 bond program project ideas. City staff will share the public's feedback with the 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee and the City Council.

2022 Bond Election Steering Committee

The 2022 Bond Election Steering Committee consists of more than two dozen Mansfield residents who live in every corner of the city. The committee members' names are below:
  • Amber Simon
  • Ashley Swapp
  • Ben Heefner
  • Caleb Hollingshead
  • Carlos Figueroa
  • Christopher Sunderman
  • Clay Wilkinson
  • Craig Holland
  • Daryle Perez
  • Demetria Bivens
  • Elon Werner
  • Henry Ellis
  • Jenny Kralicke
  • Karen Self
  • Kathleen Powers
  • Kraig Kunkel
  • Laura Power
  • Melissa Moreira
  • Michael Crnkovich
  • Michael Mainer
  • Paul Beaney
  • Ron Snouffer
  • Ronnie De Manna
  • Russ Arnold
  • Scot Bowman
  • Tamika Shorten
  • Tobi Tajomavwo

The deadline to apply to serve on the steering committee was Aug. 13.