North Main Street Trail

Completed in early 2019, the North Main Street Trail connects pedestrians, hikers and bikers to Historic Downtown Mansfield from Walnut Creek Linear Trail at Town Park. The 10-foot wide trails stretch along both sides of North Main Street from Oak Street to Pleasant Ridge Drive.

The portion of the trail that crosses the bridge is incorporated into the street, with both lanes of traffic remaining intact but narrowed to accommodate the 14-foot wide trail. Concrete barriers divide the trail from the street traffic and keep pedestrians and cyclists safe from motorists. Once over the bridge, the trails enter Town Park on the east. On the west side of the street, trails continue as sidewalks until Pleasant Ridge Drive, where walking paths end and cyclists transition to the existing street. North Main Street Trail also includes trail and roadway lighting for safety at night.

Construction was partially funded by the Federal Transportation Alternatives Program administered through the Department of Transportation.

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