Rental Inspections

Multi-Family IIGeneral Information

The City of Mansfield has experienced a rapid growth and expansion rate and has made provisions to ensure these developments are held to proper health and safety standards required to protect the families who reside in them. The City Council believes that it is in the best interest of the public and the City to facilitate the efforts to ensure compliance with health and safety rules and regulations by the owners and operators of multi-family complexes and lodging establishments by performing rental inspections. 

Beginning January 1, 2022, the Regulatory Compliance Department will begin inspecting multi-family complexes and lodging establishments through its Rental Inspections program.

Report a Complaint

To report suspected rental health and safety issues, send Regulatory Compliance an email or call (817) 276-4221.

Laws and Regulations

City of Mansfield has adopted the following regulations:


Who do I report safety violations to?

How do I get a rental registration license for my multi-family complex or lodging establishment?

  • You will be a receiving a notification letter by mail at the beginning of December 2021. You must complete a Rental Registration Form, which can be completed and mailed to: C/O Regulatory Compliance Department 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, Texas 76063 or by completing the online form.
  • Your registration cannot be processed until a payment has been submitted. Payment may be made by check or money order to the City of Mansfield, C/O Regulatory Compliance at the address listed above. We are unable to accept online payments at this time.

How long is my rental inspection license valid?

  • Registration and payment of your rental inspection license will be valid for one (1) year starting January 1st until December 31st, unless ownership of the multi-family complex or lodging establishment changes, at which time a new registration must be submitted.

My multi-family complex/lodging establishment has changed ownership.

  • If a change in ownership occurs during the period that registration is otherwise valid, the landlord of the establishment will have thirty (30) days from the date of ownership change to file a new registration with the Director, and pay a new registration fee. The Rental Registration Form can be completed and mailed to: C/O Regulatory Compliance Department 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, Texas 76063 or by completing the online registration form

Am I required to register my business?

  • You are required to register your business if it is a multi-family dwelling complex, nursing or assisted living facility, or lodging establishment located in Mansfield which is now in existence or which may be constructed or converted into one from another use.

How are those businesses defined?

  • A multi-family complex means a building(s) containing three (3) or more dwelling units owned by the same person or entity on a single, platted lot. If the land on which the building(s) exist is not platted, it is still defined as a multi-family complex if any building(s) that provide three (3) or more dwelling units owned by the same person or entity are located on contiguous tracts of land.
  • A lodging establishment means any building, complex of buildings, or any other facility in which the public may obtain sleeping accommodations. This term includes hotels, motels, condominiums, bed and breakfast establishments, inns, extended stays, trailer motels, apartments not occupied by permanent residents, vacation rentals, and all other facilities where rooms or sleeping facilities or space are furnished for accommodation. 
    • A "hotel" does not include hospitals, sanitariums, nursing homes, jails, prisons or detention centers,  college dormitories, or housing facilities of the type described in section 156.001(2) of the Texas Code. 
    • A "lodging establishment" also does not include a short-term rental or a part/whole of a residence rented to a member of the resident's family.
    • A "nursing or assisted living" facility means a private home for the care of children or the aged or infirm, or a place of rest for those suffering bodily disorders, not containing equipment for surgical care or medical treatment of disease or injury.
  • A room or boarding house means a building other than a hotel or multi-family dwelling where lodging is provided for compensation for three (3) but not more than twelve (12) persons, where meals may or may not be served, and where facilities for food preparation are not provided in individual rooms. Where meals are served, they may only be served to the residents of the boarding house.