Rental Inspection Fees

Important Information

The landlord of a multi-family complex or lodging establishment shall pay an annual registration fee for a rental license at a rate per dwelling unit or guest room to offset the city's cost of administration, registration, and inspections, which rate is reflected in the fee schedule below.

  • January 1st is the due date for the rental registration fee
  • An after-hours inspection fee with a two-hour minimum paid in advance shall be charged for inspections that occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 6PM - 7AM, and anytime Saturday or Sunday.
  • The fee requirements shall not include a dwelling unit on a college, university, or seminary occupied by a student or a student and the student's family and in which the dwelling unit is owned by the respective college, university, or seminary. The fee requirements also do not include a dwelling unit operated by a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, detention center, shelter, or any government owned facility.

How do I pay a permit fee?

  • You may mail a check to: C/O Regulatory Compliance, 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, Texas 76063
  • Make all checks payable to: City of Mansfield C/O Rental Inspections


Multi-Family & Lodging Establishment Rental Inspection Fees
Rental Registration Fee - Per Unit$15.00
Rental Registration Late Fee$200.00
Rental Registration Re-instatement Fee$200.00
Rental Suspension Administration Fee (Per Month) Assessed Until Re-instatement Complete$200.00
Rental Re-inspection Fee (3rd Inspection)$100.00
Rental After Hours Re-inspection Fee (Per Hour - 2 Hour Minimum) (6PM - 7AM)$50.00