Rental Inspection Fees

Important Information

The landlord of a multi-family complex or lodging establishment shall pay an annual registration fee for a rental license at a rate per dwelling unit or guest room to offset the city's cost of administration, registration, and inspections, which rate is reflected in the fee schedule below.

  • January 1st is the due date for the rental registration fee
  • An after-hours inspection fee with a two-hour minimum paid in advance shall be charged for inspections that occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 6PM - 7AM, and anytime Saturday or Sunday.
  • The fee requirements shall not include a dwelling unit on a college, university, or seminary occupied by a student or a student and the student's family and in which the dwelling unit is owned by the respective college, university, or seminary. The fee requirements also do not include a dwelling unit operated by a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, detention center, shelter, or any government owned facility.

How do I pay a permit fee?

  • You may mail or bring a check or money order in person to: Regulatory Compliance, 620 S. Wisteria St. Mansfield, Texas 76063
  • To pay via an online payment link, email to request a digital invoice.
  • Make all checks payable to: City of Mansfield C/O Rental Inspections Program
  • If you are applying for a registration renewal, a digital payment link may have already been sent to the contact information provided on your previous application. Please check to ensure you have not already received it.
  • Fees must be remitted to the office prior to or on the invoice due date. If you do not pay the invoice due date, you may be subject to late fees or at risk of your permit being denied or suspended. Non-payment after 90 days from the invoice due date will cause your permit to be denied or revoked and require a new application to be completed in whole.

How do I apply for my permit?

  • To complete an online application, complete and submit the application with our online registration form.
  • Your registration cannot be processed until payment has been submitted. 
  • Payment may be made by check or money order to the City of Mansfield, C/O Regulatory Compliance at the address listed above, or by requesting a digital invoice. Payment must be made prior to or on the invoice due date.
Multi-Family & Lodging Establishment Rental Inspection Fees
Rental Registration Fee - Per Unit$15.00
Rental Registration Late Fee$200.00
Rental Registration Re-instatement Fee$200.00
Rental Suspension Administration Fee (Per Month) Assessed Until Re-instatement Complete$200.00
Rental Re-inspection Fee (3rd Inspection)$100.00
Rental After Hours Re-inspection Fee (Per Hour - 2 Hour Minimum) (6PM - 7AM)$50.00