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Welcome to Mansfield, Texas, a world-class hometown! Mansfield strives to be a vibrant city for people and businesses that value world-class experiences, culture, quality and a second-to-none level of community service in a hometown environment. To achieve this, the City of Mansfield follows five guiding principles known as True NORTH. NORTH is an acronym that stands for the following:

  • Noteworthy Essentials — The City of Mansfield will continue to deliver high-quality essential services to its residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Organizational Excellence — The City of Mansfield will foster a healthy environment for its own employees to maximize productivity, boost morale, attract high-quality candidates and establish itself as a destination employer. 
  • Remarkable Experiences — The City of Mansfield will find creative and innovative ways to provide its residents, businesses and visitors with world-class amenities and experiences – above and beyond essential functions and services.
  • Together As One — The City of Mansfield will remain a close-knit community as growth continues. The City of Mansfield will provide world-class social infrastructure and opportunities for all of its residents to connect and enjoy remarkable experiences together. 
  • Healthy Economy — The City of Mansfield will support and strengthen its economy in all strategic decision-making, and will leverage its assets to preserve its economic vitality.

From setting up water service to reporting code violations to finding things to do, here are some resources to help you get settled into your new community.

Postcard Mural in Historic Downtown Mansfield

Noteworthy Essentials 

Mansfield's City Council Opens in new windowOrganizational Excellence

Hawaiian Falls waterpark Remarkable Experiences

My Mansfield Muni-Versity Fall 2021 ClassTogether As One

Healthy Economy 

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