Park Design Process FAQ

PhaseActions in progressAvg. Time


Earliest conceptual phase, this is when staff begins to determine the goals, objectives and definition of the project. This includes what amenities and features should be included and what the end result should look like based on the needs identified in the Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan.

Varies by project


Project scopes are refined, concept drawings are tweaked and cost estimates are created in this phase. Once completed, the project is sent to MPFDC for direction. Once approved as a project, it is added to the 10-year strategic plan with a project budget defined. Consultants may be retained to assist with scope and project definition.

Varies by project

Design Development

Consultants are retained to create design plans and construction documents based on the concepts and goals outlined in the previous stages. Parks staff coordinates with City development services and engineering to review and obtain required permits. At this point, park design and construction plans are established and approved by MPFDC and City Council.

5-6 months

Advertising & AwardsContracts are advertised for public bidding according to state purchasing requirements. Staff receives and evaluates bids based on what best meets the the budget and project needs and presents their recommendation to MPFDC. Upon MPFDC approval, the project is presented to City Council for approval by resolution. 3-4 months


Dirt begins to move. Construction includes all phases from first groundbreaking to final landscaping installation. Work is managed by an independent general contractor with a park planner serving as project manager.

Varies by project scope and size


Once park staff has made all final approvals and signed off on the construction, the job is accepted and contracts are closed. Operations and maintenance is transferred to city staff, who will most likely plan a grand opening or ribbon cutting to celebrate the arrival of a new park or facility.

One month