Cigarette BUTT-ler Program

cigarette buttler_light poleIn an effort to reduce the amount of litter, the Keep Mansfield Beautiful Commission (KMBC), Historic Downtown Mansfield and the City of Mansfield Environmental Services partnered to initiate the Cigarette BUTT-ler program in the historic downtown district. As an area popular for special events, festivals, parades, dining and shopping, the BUTT-lers are a convenient way to dispose of cigarette butts. Not only does it help keep our community clean, but also offers a way to recycle the butts which keeps them out of the landfill.

For the first year, KMBC board members will maintain, collect butts and ship them to waste management company, TerraCycle, where they will be recycled into items such as patio furniture. After the first year, the BUTT-lers will be available as part of the city's Adopt-a-Street Program.

Many people think cigarette butts are easy to biodegrade, but because their fibers are made mostly of plastic, it takes many years for them to break down. According Keep America Beautiful, cigarette butts are the most common form of litter in the U.S., and because of their small size, are easily blown or washed away into our waterways.

We all benefit from reduced litter and a clean community, so if you're a smoker visiting downtown, do your part and dispose of your butts in any of the six BUTT-lers along Main Street.

Click to learn more about TerraCycle and their recycling programs.