2001: Mansfield Activities Center

106 S. Wisteria Street

The Mansfield Activities Center is the city's indoor recreation facility. It houses a full-size gym and four classrooms and hosts a number of classes, programs and events as well as Mansfield's daily senior citizen programs.


The Mansfield Activities Center was (and remains) the city's first recreation center, paid for with half-cent sales tax and a $500,000 matching grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife. The facility was built in conjunction with the library, which shares a parking lot, and at the same time as City Hall, also within the same government complex. Building a recreation center was the top priority in the previous parks master plan, and expansion/upgrading the facility has ranked high among resident demands ever since.

The Mansfield Senior Citizens Center, which had been operating out of a historic home near downtown since 1971, moved their daily activities and lunch to the new center upon opening. At the time, annual membership rates were $10/year for resident adults or $25/year for resident families. As of 2022, the rates are $15 and $35, respectively. The grand opening on May 19, 2001 included class demonstrations, games, tours and refreshments.

Development and Improvements

The MAC was designed to be built in three phases, but has not been expanded since opening in 2001. The facility has received frequent updates for style and/or replacement upgrades, including new flooring, paint and  cabinetry, but still has the same footprint and basic features. Program offerings have changed throughout the years to reflect current trends in recreation, at one point converting an open room to feature Dance Dance Revolution competitions, and most recently adding Pickleball open court times.

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