Public Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships allow the City to offer expanded recreation opportunities without added operational costs. With these agreements, the City helps fund costs of construction in exchange for lease payments. The City retains ownership of the property, but private companies handle all operations and management. Innovative design and financing approaches become available when the entities work together. Specific details of the funding are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Public-private ventures can be a huge asset to the City, bringing in tourism and generating revenue with facilities the area might not otherwise be able to provide. Mansfield has added six public-private partnerships over the years to fulfill a variety of recreation needs.

Mansfield National Golf Club

2000: Mansfield National Golf Club

3750 National Pkwy


2008: Hawaiian Falls Waterpark

490 Heritage Pkwy

BLD-ribbon cutting-mar 08

2008: Big League Dreams Sportspark

500 Heritage Pkwy


2017: FieldhouseUSA Mansfield

650 US Hwy 287 N

Star Center Mansfield (34)

2018: StarCenter Mansfield

1715 E. Broad St