GROW For It Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to log every day?

No, you can log up to three days in one submission, and can enter them as you complete the activity or wait and do the whole week or month at once. Drawings will be held weekly of the previous week's submissions, so we suggest submitting at least once a week to be eligible!

How old do you have to be to participate?

The challenge is open to everyone, and we encourage you to make it a family activity! Each person whose name is registered can log time and win the prizes!

Can I log for my whole family together?

Yes! If you did an activity together, you can include everyone's name on the submission form and each person will get credit. Or, log each individually. Up to you!

What kind of activity counts?

Anything! The goal is to make healthy movement a habit. Walk the dog, take a class, job the stairs at lunch, or play soccer in the yard with the kids; any kind of fitness is good for the mind and body, so it all counts! We also highly recommend checking out our free fitness events every Saturday (listed on the website here) for fun and unique options!

What if I miss a day?

We know everyone's schedules are crazy! The goal is 30min a day, five days a week, which is what experts recommend for long-term health impact. But as long as your total for the month adds up to the same 10 hour total, you'll meet the goal and win!

What do we win?

Everyone who meets the goal will earn a certificate, t-shirt, pin and goody bag of other gifts from Mansfield Parks & Recreation, Mansfield Methodist Medical Center, and other partners. Weekly prizes will be an assortment of surprises; stay tuned to our social media pages for details!

Do I have to live in Mansfield?

Of course not! Our parks are open to everyone, and so are our contests! Prize pickup will be at the MAC, so any out of town participants will have to make the trip to collect their winnings (or cover shipping costs!) but we are happy to welcome anyone and everyone to join in!

Am I too late to join?

Absolutely not! Join anytime throughout the month and start logging any activity completed within this month. Again, as long as you hit a total of 10 hours for the month, you will complete the goal.

Still have questions?

Email staff and we'll be happy to help!