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The City of Mansfield has begun the process to update the city’s Future Land Use Plan, officially called Mansfield 2040: Our Plan, Our Guide, Our Future.

This long-range planning document will guide the community’s growth and physical development for the next 10 to 20 years. The plan will focus on Mansfield’s future land uses and planning for special areas throughout the city. It will help set guiding principles and create land use goals and strategies to bring about implementable actions or policies. The city last updated the plan in 2012.

To deliver an adaptive plan that embodies sustainable land use practices and results in a community that is highly regarded for its elevated quality of life, protection of the built and natural environments, and an inclusive future for all.
- Mansfield 2040 Mission Statement 

The City hired one of the most experienced planning consulting firms in the region, Freese and Nichols. The company will work with the city’s Planning Department, city leadership, elected officials, and the community, to develop a vision for Mansfield’s future. The consultant’s proven methods will ensure the plan is made for Mansfield by Mansfield.

Mansfield 2040 is part of the City of Mansfield’s Comprehensive Plan, which is a living document that guides the city’s growth and development. It has several components including the Cultural Arts Master Plan, Future Land Use Plan, Parks Master Plan, Small Area Plans, a Thoroughfare Plan, and more to carry out implementing goals and objectives.


The expected time frame for this project is 12-18 months.

Mansfield 2040 project timeline

February to March 2023

Feb. 20, 2023 - 6 p.m. City Hall 1200 E. Broad St. Future Land Use Plan Kickoff Meeting The Mansfield Planning & Zoning Commission alongside the Citizen Planning Steering Committee (CPSC) will meet to kickoff the Future Land Use Plan process. The resident-led CPSC will make recommendations on the Future Land Use Plan to the Mansfield Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z).

Feb. 21, 2023 - 6-8 p.m. Mansfield Public Library, 104 S. Wisteria St. Future Land Use Plan Public Open House City of Mansfield will host a Public Open House to allow residents an opportunity to provide input regarding the Future Land Use Plan and gain an understanding f of the plan process. Consultant Freese and Nichols will give two presentations at 6:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.

Feb. 21, 2023 - March 7, 2023 - Virtual Open House The City of Mansfield will host a virtual option for the Open House activities through March 7. Visit to let us know your thoughts.

March 23, 2023  - 6 p.m. City Hall 1200 E. Broad St.  Citizen Planning Steering Committee meeting

May to July 2023

May 11, 2023  - 5:30 p.m. City Hall 1200 E. Broad St.  Citizen Planning Steering Committee meeting

July 11, 2023  - 6 p.m. City Hall 1200 E. Broad St.  Citizen Planning Steering Committee meeting

July 13, 2023  - 6 p.m. City Hall 1200 E. Broad St.  Citizen Planning Steering Committee meeting

July 20, 2023  - 6 p.m. Mansfield Public Library,  104 S. Wisteria St.  Citizen Planning Steering Committee meeting

Draft plan development and review

August 2023

Final Review and revision with subcommittee

October 2023

Joint meeting with City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission

December 2023

Final plan adoption

Citizen Steering Committee

The City Council has created a Citizen Planning Steering Committee to assist in this project. This group of appointed residents play a vital role in the plan’s development.

Residents will work early in the process with city staff and the consultant to make recommendations for the plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission, who will then present the plan to the City Council for review and adoption.

To follow along with the process, you may also visit:

Freese and Nichols

Freese and Nichols is an award-winning consulting firm from Fort Worth. The organization has 128 years of experience in this sphere.

The organization has worked on plans for numerous cities including the City of Frisco and the City of McKinney.

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