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The City of Mansfield is constantly working to improve its miles of roadways and infrastructure. Scroll to learn more about current and upcoming construction projects including traffic impacts and more.

Traffic Impacts

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Roadway Capital Projects 

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Road Report

The quarterly road report provides information about ongoing and upcoming road construction projects.

Quarterly Road Report | October 2023 | Department of Engineering Services

This Quarterly Road Report includes street projects currently under construction or in the design phase in the City of Mansfield. For additional information, contact:

Raymond Coffman, Director of Engineering Services, 817-276-4238,

David Boski, Asst. DPW-Transportation, 817-276-4208,

For the most up-to-date information about street projects in the City of Mansfield, please see our Road Report Map

Street Projects Under Construction

Day Miar Road (E. Broad Street to Seeton Road)

Street Bond Fund, Tarrant County Transportation Bond Fund, Grand Prairie

The City is improving Day Miar Road to a four-lane undivided concrete roadway. Roadway drainage will be curb and gutter with inlets and piping draining to a parallel open channel on the west side of the road. The open channel will extend from Grand Meadow Boulevard to the detention area north of Lake Ridge High School. The project also includes sidewalks along both sides of the roadway, two pedestrian crossings at the MISD schools, and traffic signals at the intersections with Grand Meadow Boulevard and Seeton Road enhancements. Project construction is being closely coordinated with the MISD and City of Grand Prairie.

Construction has started with tree removal along the project. The excavation of an open drainage channel on the west side of the road started early October. Afterward, the reconstruction and excavation of the MISD ponds near Broad Street will start. The construction of water lines and drainage structures will start in the fourth  quarter and will continue in phases throughout the project. In the 1st quarter of 2024, paving construction will begin in phases until all paving is complete by the end of 2024.

South Holland Rd. (Stonebriar Trail to Garden Path Lane) - Street Bond Fund

Crews will improve South Holland Road to a four-lane divided thoroughfare. The project will include completing the north side of National Parkway west of Holland Road and several hundred feet to the east. It also includes a traffic signal at Holland Road and National Parkway and sidewalks along the roadway as well as a sidewalk along the east side to Elizabeth Smith Innovative Learning. This project will require the construction of detour pavement on the east side of the existing roadway to accommodate construction of the project.

The project was awarded for construction in December 2021. Construction began in October 2022 with various lane closures and asphalt detours. Paving for the remainder of the roadway is currently underway.  Traffic signals installation is starting at the intersection of National Parkway and Holland Road  with the installation of street lights in the median of Holland Road soon after. The construction is anticipated to be substantially complete in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Texas Department of Transportation

US 287 Frontage Roads-TxDOT (UPRR to Lone Star Road)

This project includes construction of both the northbound and southbound frontage roads of US 287 between the Union Pacific Railroad and Lone Star Road as well as additional lanes at the Lone Star Road bridge and a southbound to northbound U-Turn. Furthermore, this project will include traffic signals at the Heritage Parkway/NB US 287 jug handle intersection along with signals at the intersections of the NB and SB US 287 Frontage Roads at Lone Star Road and US Business 287 at Lone Star Road.

Roadway construction began July 5, 2022.  The estimated construction time is 26 months.

Walnut Creek Dr. Bridge

This project will replace the existing bridge with a new four lane bridge including 6-foot sidewalks on each side. It is a federal bridge replacement program project administered by TxDOT.

Construction is underway and completion of the west side of the bridge is anticipated to be complete at the end of October. Traffic will then be moved to onto the new bridge. Construction will then begin on the east side of the bridge with construction anticipated to be complete in March of 2024. The linear trail will be temporarily relocated to the intersection of Magnolia/Rose Park entry during construction.

Street Projects Under Design

Cannon Drive South (Conifer Street to Miller Road) -TIRZ #1

Cannon Drive South is shown on the thoroughfare plan as a minor collector roadway with a 70’ right-of-way. The roadway is anticipated to be a 37’ section with bike lanes and sidewalks. The parkway will also be configured to accommodate two rows of street trees. The existing pavement adjacent to the Rustic Meadow subdivision will be removed.

Staff is reviewing 60% plans with construction anticipated to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

Cardinal Road NB Right Turn Lane at FM 1187 - Street Bond Fund

Design and construction of a northbound right turn lane at FM 1187. Cardinal Road is an improved roadway with a traffic signal at FM 1187. It is a minor collector serving Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary School and residential traffic onto FM 1187. The northbound approach currently accommodates a left turn lane and a combination through and right-turn lane. The improvement necessitates improving the traffic signal, median and pedestrian route at the intersection to improve safety.

Staff have completed the 30% review with 60% expected soon and construction anticipated to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

E. Broad St./TX 360 Intersection Improvements - Street Bond Fund

This project will provide improvements around the TX-360 intersection necessary to maximize vehicle throughput, especially eastbound to northbound movement. Engineers anticipate creating dual-left turn lanes on the bridge and extending west is anticipated. Right-of-way acquisition at the southwest corner of the intersection will be considered if necessary. Limits may extend west to Cannon Drive and east to Holland Road to maximize vehicle throughput. This project will likely utilize asphalt pavement as is existing to the west. A traffic signal at Fire Station 3 will be included with this project.

Staff has completed a traffic analysis and is reviewing a conceptual plan. A detailed design will begin soon.

E. Broad St. & Wisteria St. Intersection Improvements - Street Bond Fund

The intersection improvements are expected to consist of widening the northbound approach, extending storage for eastbound and westbound left turns, installing pedestrian accommodations, and installing a traffic signal.

Design survey is complete. Kimley Horn is working towards 30% plan completion.

Elizabeth Lane - 49th Year CDBG - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The City will reconstruct Elizabeth Lane in asphalt with sidewalks on both sides of the street. Utilities will remain with minor upgrades. The project will install a creek crossing with a turn-around configured on the south side of the creek.

Design for Elizabeth Lane has started with completion of design scheduled in the first quarter of 2024.

Gertie Barrett Road (Country Meadow Drive to Wildwood Court) - Street Bond Fund

This project will reconstruct Gertie Barrett Road as a 2-lane undivided 24-foot-wide asphalt roadway. Additionally, a new east/west 4-lane undivided roadway will be constructed between Gertie Barrett Road and N. Main Street. The location of this east/west roadway will align with Simpson Lane on the west side of Gertie Barrett Road. This project will involve coordination and an agreement with TxDOT.

Construction plans are nearing completion. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2024.

Harvest Point-Lone Star Road & Stadium Development Streets - Street Bond Fund, TIRZ #4

This project will reconstruct Lone Star Road to a 4-lane roadway with a roundabout at the Heritage Parkway intersection. The project also includes new streets that will serve the proposed stadium site north of Lone Star Road.

Design contract has been executed. 30% design efforts are underway.

Matlock Road Left Turn Lanes (SB at Cannon Drive & NB at Country Club Drive) - Street Bond Fund

Extension of southbound left turn lane at Matlock Road & Cannon Drive to provide more storage. Extension of northbound left turn lane at Matlock Road and Country Club Drive to provide more room for cars to stack in the lane.

The design contract is approved and design is in progress. Construction is anticipated to begin early 2024.

Master Thoroughfare Plan Alternatives Analysis - Street Bond Fund

This is a study to evaluate multiple alternatives to the currently adopted Master Thoroughfare plan, including an analysis of impact/benefits and high-level cost estimates to assist in prioritizing these projects.

Modeling has been completed, and project sheets are being developed. A final report will be completed in November.

N. Main Street to FM 157 Connector - Street Bond Fund

The proposed connector is a four-lane undivided roadway that will provide a connection from North Main Street to FM 157. This roadway will be located approximately a half mile north of Mouser Way and will align with Watson Branch Lane. The connector will reduce traffic volumes along the frontage of Legacy High School and at the intersection of Main and FM 157. This project will also eliminate the current skewed intersection of Russell Road and FM 157 and will reduce flooding potential of Watson Branch upstream of Russell Road.

Design is anticipated to be complete in early 2024 with construction anticipated to begin mid-2024.

North Street (Oak Street to North Side of Walnut Creek) - Street Bond Fund, TxDOT

Reconstruction of existing bridge over Walnut Creek and roadway improvements south to Oak Street.

Design contract and survey contracts have been completed. Design kick off meeting has taken place with TxDOT and initial funding documents are being processed.

Railroad Quiet Zones-Wisteria, Broad Street, Walnut Creek Drive  - Street Bond Fund

Railroad Quiet Zones for 3 significant crossings.

Contract for surveying and design has been executed. Surveying is almost complete, and design has started.

South Main Street at Heritage Parkway Intersection - Street Bond Fund

This project will add northbound and southbound right-turn lanes and pedestrian improvements to the intersection of S. Main Street/Heritage Parkway. In addition, sidewalks will be added on the east side of S. Main Street from the Forest Brook Subdivision to Price Road. This project will involve coordination with TxDOT.

Design is close to completion. Coordination and relocations with franchise utilities will be taking place soon. Currently pending franchise relocation schedules, construction is anticipated to begin early 2024.

West Broad St. (Near Retta Road and Lillian Road) - Street Bond Fund

Design Phase. West Broad Street will be improved to a four-lane, divided concrete roadway from its current two-lane, asphalt rural section in this immediate area. This project will reconfigure the W. Broad Street intersections with both Retta Road and Lillian Road. Reconstructing these intersections will improve their safety.

Design has begun.


Master Thoroughfare Plan

The Master Thoroughfare Plan is a long-range plan which identifies and documents the types and locations of roadway facilities within the City necessary to accommodate the anticipated future growth. It serves as a guide for all decision-making related to the City's transportation network. The plan was last amended in June 2023.


Many road projects and construction in the City of Mansfield are managed by the Engineering and Streets Departments. Click the links below to learn more about them and partnering agencies.