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Mansfield Public Library serves a population of more than 76K residents and provides a variety of programs for the community. All library programs are based on the following mission statement: 

The Mansfield Public Library provides free and equal access to a broad range of information resources, creating opportunities for education, recreation and the pursuit of lifelong learning. 

Library programs are intended to entertain, enlighten, educate, and inform.  They are vehicles for dispensing valuable information, encouraging learning and exploration, providing amusement while teaching, and provoking wonder and thought.     

Please note:

  • Library staff schedule out programs six months in advance. Please note: staff will only contact you if your proposal is accepted.
  • Programs are free to attend and open to the public. No solicitation for business or sale of goods or services are permitted. 
  • Program information may appear on social media, newsletters, library website and other promotional venues. 
  • Filling out this form does not automatically guarantee that the library will be able to host your program. If your program submission is accepted, a library staff will contact you to discuss next steps.
  • Program content must be respectful and inclusive to cater to a diverse audience and support the library's mission statement. 
  • The library does not accept program proposals for story times presenters and groups reading to children.

Library Program Proposal Form

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