Commercial Vehicle Parking Update

The City Council passed an ordinance in November 2023 that pertains to the parking or storing, or allowing a commercial vehicle, to be parked or stored on public roadways, public space, right-of-way, public parking lots, or railroad right-of-way. The ordinance goes into effect on Nov. 27, 2023. The initiative comes in response to community wishes to address commercial vehicle parking concerns.  

Often the parking of commercial vehicles creates safety hazards for both the general public and the operator including issues with visibility, obstructed roadways, and potential for theft and vehicle damage. This change also protects property owners who are not permitting their parking lots for this usage. In many cases, the lots are not designed for commercial vehicle parking. It also ensures proper land use throughout the community. 

A company can still park its commercial vehicles, which include semi-trailers, truck-tractors, trailers, pole trailers, recreation vehicles, and more, in its lawfully zoned business establishments. Even if a property owner gives a vehicle permission to park, it may still be in violation of the ordinance and subject to enforcement. Violating vehicles are subject to towing at the operator’s expense.

To read the updated ordinance adopted Nov. 13, 2023, click here.

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