Contest My Citation(s)

If you have never been found guilty by the Judge on your case, you have the right to enter a plea of Not Guilty and contest the charge that has been filed against you.  To enter your plea of Not Guilty, you will simply make your appearance before the Judge at your scheduled initial appearance.

Once your plea of Not Guilty has been accepted by the Judge you will be scheduled to attend a mandatory pre-trial hearing. The pre-trial hearing is for the city prosecutor and the defendant to have an opportunity to discuss available options to resolve the case. If the case is unresolved after the pre-trial hearing, you will have the option to set your case for Jury Trial or Bench Trial (before the Judge). Once your selection is made, a future trial date will be given to you.

If you have missed your initial appearance date and your case has went into warrant status and you want to enter a plea of Not Guilty, you will be required to post a bond for your citation before the warrant will be removed and a court date assigned.