1. Recycle Carts
  2. What Can I Recycle?
  3. What Happens to Recycled Stuff?

Curbside Recycling

The City of Mansfield provides residents with green curbside recycling carts. View the curbside recycle pick-up schedule here.

Note: The City does not currently provide trash carts. Residents provide their own containers for trash. All trash must be in plastic bags or garbage cans/carts weighing no more than 35 pounds when full. Do not place trash in your green recycle cart.

Request or Exchange a Cart

Residents can use this form to request or exchange a recycling cart. If you have requested an exchange, you may still use the old cart until your exchange has been completed. Requests will be completed within a few days of the submission.

Follow these simple steps to using your recycling cart:

  1. Use your green recycling cart for recyclable materials only.
  2. Remember "empty, clean & dry". Rinse and drain bottles and jars. 
  3. Place the cart on the  curb on your regular recycling collection day. IMPORTANT: The lid opening needs to face the street.
  4. Carts do not have to be completely full to be set out, but we do recommend setting them out as full as possible.
  5. Remember to set your carts at the street by 7a.m. on your collection day to be sure it is picked up.
  6. Make sure to set the carts where they will be accessible from the street (not behind a mailbox, car or other obstruction).

Cart Care Suggestions:

  1. Paint or label your address on your cart
  2. The cart will remain with the delivery address-do not move carts to new address or place your name on the cart.
  3. Keep cart free of food or liquid that would contaminate recyclables.
  4. Periodically, you may need to wash the inside of the cart with water and dish soap and let air dry.