Trash Collection


Trash is considered all household refuse other than recyclables, bundled brush or unacceptable waste.


Residents  provide their own containers for trash. All trash must be in plastic bags or garbage cans/carts weighing no more than 35 pounds when full. Households are limited to 10 bags or four cans/carts per collection. Green carts provided by the City are for recycling only.

Collection Schedule

Trash is collected twice a week beginning at 7 a.m. 

If your trash collection day falls on an observed holiday, collection will resume on the next regularly scheduled day. Observed holidays include New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. To view both your regular curbside pickup and holiday pickup schedules, enter your address on Republic's local information and schedule page.

Helpful resources for reference:
Trash and Recycling Rates
2023 Holiday Pickup Schedule
Pickup Schedule Map (PDF)
Search Pickup Schedule Map by Address

  1. Bulky Brush/Bulky Waste
  2. Landfill Information
  3. Small Commercial

Bundled Brush

Brush, limbs,  yard debris and twigs will be collected if tied in bundles no more than 4 feet in length, and weighing approximately 50 pounds or less each and no larger than 1 cubic yard (need help visualizing 1 cubic yard?). 

Please note there is a difference between brush and bulky brush. Bulky brush is defined as larger tree limbs, debris and tree stumps. Bulky brush is not eligible for regular pick-up on garbage collection days. See the Bulky Brush/Bulky Waste tab above for more information.

Unacceptable Items

These are defined as construction debris, loose brush, hazardous chemicals, paint and other items listed in the City’s Garbage and Recycling Ordinance as unacceptable.