Mansfield Emergency Alert System

Seconds Count in an Emergency

Receive alerts and up-to-date information about severe weather, missing persons and other emergency situations by signing up for our Mansfield Emergency Alert System.

This system provides residents with critical information quickly by sending time-sensitive messages where specified such as home, mobile or business phone, email and text message.

Personal information collected during registration for the Mansfield Emergency Alert System will be used solely for the purpose of creating an emergency notification database. For questions regarding the system, please email Mansfield Emergency Management.

Follow These Steps to Register

  1. Complete the form below to set up your account. You must set up your account from the website. DO NOT REGISTER VIA THE ALERT ME APP.
  2. Once you join, it will take you to a page to set up your personal profile. You must complete all the information – name, address, email and phone number(s).
  3.  Then click and join the County Weather Alert groups. You MUST join these groups (Ellis, Johnson and Tarrant) to receive National Weather Service Watches/Warnings for those counties as they are issued.
  4. After joining the groups you will then check how you want to receive your alerts – voice, text and/or email (one of any combination of notification methods). You’re now registered for the Mansfield Emergency Alert System.
  5. Once you have registered, go back to the CivicPlus sign-in page and login with your email, then click reset password. That will allow you to set your password for your profile and access your account to make changes. For security you will be prompted to change your password every 90 days.

Examples of Use

The alert system will only be used for emergency situations including :

  • Bomb threat
  • Chemical spill or gas leak
  • Drinking water contamination
  • Evacuation notice and route
  • Fires or flood
  • Hostage situation
  • Missing person
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Utility outage
  • Other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety

Password Information:

*** Attention ***

If you enter your information to sign up and receive the message "User is already a member of this network" under the email box below, please click here to reset your password.