Inmate Bond

Inmate Releases

Inmate releases occur around the clock and take place once all necessary paperwork has been completed. Jail personnel cannot provide an exact time of release for inmates.

Capias Charges

A Capias charge indicates that a specific amount of money must be paid before the inmate can be released from custody. This is not a bondable charge.

24-Hour No Pick-up Inmate Releases

If an individual only has Class C Misdemeanor charges for another agency, that agency will be notified. This takes place once the entire booking process is completed and all higher charge dispositions have been met. If the notified agency does not request extended time or does not pick up the inmate, the inmate may be released from custody. This is at the discretion of supervisors at the Mansfield Jail.

If an inmate is released because of the above reasons, the individual may still have active warrants for their arrest and are subject to arrest at any time. It is the responsibility of the released inmate to contact the city holding the warrants to attempt to make disposition on the charges.

Bond Company

If the inmate has bondable charges and wishes to be bonded out of jail, a bond company for the county in which the offense occurred must be used. The City of Mansfield will not recommend or endorse any bond company to be used. The decision as to which bond company to use rests solely with the individual.

Inmate Bond Information

The Visitation Desk Clerks provide information concerning the charges and bond information on city inmates only. This charge information can be obtained by contacting the Mansfield Visitation Desk at 817-804-5731 or by going to the city inmate search. The Visitation Desk Clerks are only able to give this information once the inmate has arrived at the facility and been completely booked into the jail system.

It is best to wait until the inmate utilizes their free phone call to make contact with someone first. This way you know the inmate is at our facility and that the Visitation Desk Clerk will have the charge information shortly thereafter.

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