Public Works

The Public Works Division consists of four separate departments, all contributing to the daily functions of the division.


The Engineering Department oversees planning, design and construction of all public street, drainage, water and sewer improvements within the City to ensure all new infrastructure is in conformance with City ordinances and specifications.

Street Operations / Traffic Control 

This department is responsible for maintaining and operating the City's roadways and transportation infrastructure in order to lengthen their service life and to provide safe driving conditions for all citizens. In addition, this department also maintains concrete and natural drainage infrastructure. 

Environmental Services

The City's stormwater quality activities are administered by Environmental Services in pursuit of compliance with TCEQ and the Environmental Protection Agency regulations derived from the Clean Water Act. Information on water conservation can be found on the Environmental Services pages

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

 The GIS Department maintains and distributes geographic information, analysis tools and mapping products for use by City Staff in their daily operations.

NOTE: Water treatment, water and sewer are all managed by the Water Utilities Department.