Interactive Maps

Development Projects Map
Explore development projects being proposed and built in Mansfield.

Trash and Recycling Map
Trash and Recycling collection schedule for the city.

Infrastructure and Zoning Map
Current infrastructure and property zoning throughout the city.

Traffic Counts Map
Traffic counts at various locations around Mansfield.

Traffic Impacts Dashboard
The Traffic Impacts platform provides a look at ongoing projects and their effect on traffic routes including road closures, lane reductions, etc.

Roadway Capital Projects Dashboard
The Roadway Capital Projects Dashboard provides a look at roadway capital projects in the construction, design, and pending phases.

Printable Maps

Printable maps are in Adobe PDF format. To view the files, download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe.


All files are ESRI shapefile format. To view the files, download a free copy of ArcExplorer from ESRI.

Download City of Mansfield GIS Data Files


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