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AudioBook Cloud

Audio Book CloudAudioBook Cloud is a collection of streaming audiobooks for adults. They have fiction, non-fiction, classics, and Spanish Language. These books are always available, never on hold, and no need to download.

eBooks on EBSCOhost

eBooks on EBSCOhostEbsco eBook collection includes titles from the world’s leading business, technology and trade, reference and academic, and scholarly publishers. This collection also has classic novels. There is no need to download these items. They are viewable from the internet.


OverDriveOverdrive has a great selection of eBooks, Downloadable Audio Books, and includes fiction, best sellers, non-fiction, and has titles for children, teens, and adults. OverDrive ebooks and eAudiobooks are downloadable to your device.

RB Digital                                                                             

RB Digital Magazines, eAudiobooks, and RB Digital Education is a full online learning pRB digital logo Opens in new windowlatform that offers language learning, customizing legal forms and much more! RB Digital offers full-color digital magazines for anytime, anywhere reading on desktops, mobile devices and apps. Your library’s collection of popular digital magazines includes both new and backlist titles with no holds, no checkout periods and no limits. Check out RB Digital’s eAudiobooks and find thousands of eAudiobooks at your fingertips from all major publishers. 

Teen Book Cloud

Teen Book CloudTeen Book Cloud is an online collection of Young Adult and Teen Graphic Novels and Enhanced Novels, eBooks, classic literature, and National Geographic videos and audiobooks. These items are always available, never on hold, and no need to download.

Tumble Biblioteca

TumbleBooks son libros ilustrados animados,Tumble Biblioteca que hablan y enseñan a los niños la alegría de la lectura en un formato que les encantará. TumbleBooks se crea adoptando las ilustraciones de libros existentes con animaciones, sonidos, música y narración para producir un libro electronico de imágenes que usted puede leer, o que es leido a usted. Visite el sitio web de la Biblioteca TumbleBook

TumbleBook Library

Tumble Book LibraryTumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books and designed to encourage early literacy and language learning. These items are always available, never on hold, and no need to download.