Print, Copy and Wireless Printing

Printing From Public Computers

You can print from our public computers. A library card in good standing is required. The prices are as follows:

  • $0.10 a page for Black and White printing
  • $0.25 cents a page for Color printing

Photocopies & Fax

The EnvisionWare Library Document Station is available to the public for making photocopies and for sending faxes. The document station can only send faxes. It cannot receive them.


  • The EnvisionWare Library Document Station is available to the public for scanning
  • Scan and send any document to your email, smartphone, tablet,  Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive 
  •  Scan and save your document to USB drive


  • $0.10 a page for Black and White printing/photocopies
  • $0.25 a page for Color printing/photocopies
  • $1.00 per page for sending a fax

Wireless Printing

Print wirelessly from all mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks.

Method 1: Send as an Email Attachment

Send the file you want to print to:

You will receive an email with a confirmation code. On the EnvisionWare Library Document Station, the job will be identified by your email address.

Method 2: Upload to the Web Portal

Submit your print jobs from your laptop or home computer, using our online printing portal.  

printeron app

Method 3: Use the PrinterOn app

Download the free PrinterOn app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. and use the app to print. Click on tap here to select a printer, enter your zip code, or allow the app to use your location, and then choose either Mansfield Public Library Black and White, or Mansfield Public Library Color.