Water Treatment Process

The City of Mansfield, Texas owns and operates the Bud Ervin Water Treatment Plant, which is a surface water treatment plant. That means the drinking water provided by the City originally comes from lakes and reservoirs. The "raw" or lake water is delivered to the City of Mansfield via large pipelines that deliver this same water to several other cities throughout the Metroplex.

The City of Mansfield’s water treatment plant uses a multiple barrier approach to drinking water treatment, and has been designed to reduce and eliminate contaminates to levels that have been established by the state and federal government. Learn more about the treatment process by reading our Water Treatment Brochure (PDF).

The City of Mansfield’s water treatment plant consistently produces water of a much higher quality than the rules require. The City’s water system has received several awards and is rated as a "Superior Drinking Water System" by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.