Dedicate a Book Memorial:

To dedicate a book in someone’s memory, pay a special tribute with a bookplate. The library will inscribe the special bookplate to the specific genre of the collection of your choosing. We will inscribe your message to a newly purchased library book. Any funds raised for donation will be strictly purchase items in the library’s collection.

Bookplates will remain in the lifespan of the item. Please call the library at 817-728-3690 or visit in-person, for more information. 

Material Donations

The Mansfield Public Library welcomes gifts and donations of money, books, or other library material. Materials not considered by the Director of Library Services to be necessary to the library collection will not be added to the collection and will be turned over to the Friends of the Mansfield Public Library book sale.

The library will not assign a monetary value to any gift or donation and will not accept materials that are not given unconditionally.

Donations and gifts of books, periodicals, videos, audio cassettes, DVDs, audio books, CDs, etc., become the property of the Mansfield Public Library and are subject to library collection development policies.

If requested, library staff will give the donor a receipt to acknowledge the donation.

Monetary Donations

Mansfield Public Library believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed through the various forms of literacy. When you support our library, you help the library purchase materials and items needed for a lifetime of success. Monetary donations will be directed to either the library donation fund, or to the Friends of the Mansfield Public Library, according to the wishes of those making the donation. Your contribution helps pay for resources this community uses every single day: new books, digital materials, and programs for all ages throughout the community. Please consider donating today.

If you wish to make a donation through a check, Checks made payable to the Mansfield Public Library can be mailed to:

Mansfield Public Library

104 S. Wisteria St.

Mansfield, TX 76063