Rainwater Harvesting

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the collecting of rainwater. You can collect rainwater from a roof, which is the most common method, and store it in a catchment tank, such as a rain barrel.

A Brief History of Rainwater Harvestingrain barrel

Before there were public water utilities, many American households harvested rainwater. With the development of large, reliable water treatment and distribution systems, the appeal of rainwater harvesting diminished. However, a new interest in rainwater harvesting has emerged.

Reasons for Harvesting Rainwater

  • The water is free
  • Harvested rain water can be used to water container plants, landscapes and gardens
  • Rainwater harvesting can help reduce flow to storm water drains and reduce stream pollution

Watch this video by Save Tarrant Water on how to build your own rain barrel.

For more information about rain water harvesting, visit the Take Care of Texas website.