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Posted on: December 23, 2021

City of Mansfield will conduct health, multi-family inspections beginning in 2022

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MANSFIELD, Texas — Beginning in 2022, the City of Mansfield will conduct inspections of multi-family complexes and lodging establishments and facilities that serve food within the city limits. 

The city has established a Rental Inspections program that aims to protect the occupants of multi-family complexes and lodging establishments by enforcing minimum building and safety standards and requiring the registration of said establishments. Most apartment complexes, duplexes and related dwellings, nursing and assisted living facilities, and other multi-family establishments in Mansfield will be subject to inspections. 

As part of this program, the city will begin inspecting such establishments on Jan. 1, 2022. A landlord who operates an establishment subject to the city’s newly adopted ordinance regarding multi-family inspections must register annually with the City of Mansfield's newly formed Regulatory Compliance Department and pay annually a registration fee for a rental license at a rate of $15 per dwelling unit or guest room. The registration fee offsets the city's cost of administration, registration and inspections. 

“Mansfield prides itself on being a world-class hometown to all of its residents. We are proud of the ever-improving quality and variety of our city’s residential properties,” City Manager Joe Smolinski said. “In order to make sure that multi-family property owners are continually reinvesting in their assets, the City Council tasked staff with developing a Rental Inspections program. While this program will certainly assist us in our efforts to make sure multi-family developments are compliant with appropriate building codes, that isn't its sole purpose. Well-maintained properties appreciate in value and add character to our community.” 

Click here to read the City of Mansfield's newly adopted ordinance regarding inspections at multi-family complexes and lodging establishments. 

Beginning next year, the City of Mansfield will also conduct health and sanitation inspections at facilities that serve food. Such facilities include restaurants, childcare centers with kitchens, schools, pools/spas, grocers, mobile food vendors and temporary food facilities within Mansfield’s city limits. 

Tarrant County Public Health's Environmental Health Division will continue to perform these inspections for the remainder of 2021. The City of Mansfield's Health Inspections program will overtake this responsibility starting Jan. 1, 2022. 

“Health inspections are an essential tool with which we can protect the health and safety of our community. Mansfield residents expect and deserve the ability to dine at local eateries that are compliant with public health regulations,” Mayor Michael Evans said. “If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's the critical importance of proper sanitation. The City Council tasked staff with bringing the health inspection service in-house so the city may more closely monitor the conditions in our local dining establishments. This program will also allow us to guide new restaurants through the construction and permitting processes more efficiently. Today, that development process is bifurcated (Tarrant County Health Department and City of Mansfield). This program is designed to benefit our restaurateurs and those that frequent their establishments.” 

Facilities subject to health and sanitation inspections that have received health permits from Tarrant County Public Health will receive invoices 30 days before their current permits expire. Once these facilities have passed City of Mansfield inspections and have paid their inspection and permit fees, they will receive new permits. Facilities that have not previously received health permits should contact the City of Mansfield’s Regulatory Compliance Department at 817-276-4221 to schedule inspections.

Once the City of Mansfield begins conducting the aforementioned inspections, suspected violations can be reported by contacting the City of Mansfield’s Regulatory Compliance Department at or 817-276-4221. The Regulatory Compliance Department comprises the Code Compliance, Rental Inspections and Health Inspections programs. 

Visit for more information about the City of Mansfield's new inspections programs.


City of Mansfield Vision Statement and Guiding Principles 

The City of Mansfield strives to be a vibrant city for people and businesses that value world-class experiences, culture, quality and a second-to-none level of community service in a hometown environment. To achieve this, the City of Mansfield follows five guiding principles known as True NORTH. NORTH is an acronym that stands for the following: 

  • Noteworthy Essentials – The City of Mansfield will continue to deliver high-quality essential services to its residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Organizational Excellence — The City of Mansfield will foster a healthy environment for its own employees to maximize productivity, boost morale, attract high-quality candidates and establish itself as a destination employer. 
  • Remarkable Experiences — The City of Mansfield will find creative and innovative ways to provide its residents, businesses and visitors with world-class amenities and experiences – above and beyond essential functions and services.
  • Together As One — The City of Mansfield will remain a close-knit community as growth continues. The City of Mansfield will provide world-class social infrastructure and opportunities for all of its residents to connect and enjoy remarkable experiences together. 
  • Healthy Economy — The City of Mansfield will support and strengthen its economy in all strategic decision-making, and will leverage its assets to preserve its economic vitality.

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