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Posted on: October 7, 2022

Mansfield City Council Adopts Fiscal Year 2023 Budget, Lower Tax Rate

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The Mansfield City Council’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget increases investment in street maintenance, public safety, and more, while lowering the tax rate.

Mansfield City Council adopted the budget at its Sept. 12 meeting. The $87-million budget focuses on citizen priorities, daily services, and guiding the city’s growth.

“In these financial times it is so important we ensure the city’s budget provides the community with quality infrastructure, excellent service, and safety while being responsible for taxpayers’ dollars,” Mayor Michael Evans said. “The Fiscal Year 2023 budget is a conservative plan that provides for our citizens of today while planning and protecting our future.”

This year’s budget continues an increased investment in the road network. The most recent citizen feedback shows community members placed street improvements as their top priority. To meet that goal, the city increased its streets maintenance budget by 50% last year and is adding another 10% this fiscal year to improve roadways. The City is also hiring two more full time street employees to increase the team’s capabilities and efficiency. 

This year’s budget also tackles public safety improvements in several ways. The budget funds new equipment and vehicles for public safety staff including technology to reduce response times. Funding is also set aside for a new Police Headquarters and design of an Animal Care facility, which will provide our staff with the space and facilities to continue to protect our growing community. The City Council also introduced a salary-step to maintain competitive hiring practices and recruit the best and brightest police officers and firefighters in the Metroplex.

Mansfield residents love their parks and recreation facilities and the city continues to invest into these public spaces in 2023. Planned projects include a new playground at McClendon Park East, Mans Best Field Dog Park Phase 2, Oliver Nature Park parking lot expansion, and more. The city is investing $1 million in athletic facility improvements at the Skinner Sports Complex and McKnight Park East.

“Our efforts were guided by our commitment to providing noteworthy essential services and a healthy economy,” said City Manager Joe Smolinski.

In addition to a new budget, the City Council adopted a lower tax rate of $0.68 per $100 of valuation. This is lower than the previous rate of $0.69 per $100 of valuation from Fiscal Years 2022 and 2021 and continues a decrease compared to the $0.71 per $100 valuation rate in Fiscal Year 2019. City Council passed the lower tax rate to help reduce the financial burden on taxpayers while still providing quality services. City Council also increased the homestead exemption to 12% to provide additional taxpayer relief.

The 2023 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2022. A copy of the budget document is available to view at City Hall.

View the 2023 Budget Video. Ver el video del presupuesto  para el año 2023.


City of Mansfield Vision Statement and Guiding Principles

The City of Mansfield strives to be a vibrant city for people and businesses that value world-class experiences, culture, quality and a second-to-none level of community service in a hometown environment. To achieve this, the City of Mansfield follows five guiding principles known as True NORTH. NORTH is an acronym that stands for the following: 

  • Noteworthy Essentials – The City of Mansfield will continue to deliver high-quality essential services to its residents, businesses and visitors.

  • Organizational Excellence — The City of Mansfield will foster a healthy environment for its own employees to maximize productivity, boost morale, attract high-quality candidates and establish itself as a destination employer. 

  • Remarkable Experiences — The City of Mansfield will find creative and innovative ways to provide its residents, businesses and visitors with world-class amenities and experiences – above and beyond essential functions and services.

  • Together As One — The City of Mansfield will remain a close-knit community as growth continues. The City of Mansfield will provide world-class social infrastructure and opportunities for all of its residents to connect and enjoy remarkable experiences together. 

  • Healthy Economy — The City of Mansfield will support and strengthen its economy in all strategic decision-making, and will leverage its assets to preserve its economic vitality.

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