What is zoning?

Zoning is a local government's ability to regulate the use and development of land. It is designed to protect property values by preventing the location of incompatible uses in close proximity to each other. Planning involves the development of programs, plans, and policies for the creation of a better community. Zoning and Planning are closely related.

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1. How do I find the Zoning Ordinance?
2. Can I obtain a building permit for a property that is not platted?
3. How can I find zoning on my property?
4. How can I get a copy of my plat?
5. How can I voice my concerns about a proposed project in the city?
6. If I own a property that is already platted into one lot can I sell off part of my lot without replatting?
7. What is a plat?
8. What is zoning?
9. Can I view Mansfield GIS data online, without any special software?
10. Where do I get a Specific Use Permit (SUP)?
11. How long will the zoning process take?