When will the exchange take place?

The development will occur in phases. The land exchange will occur immediately with the actual move-out of entities from their existing facilities to take place at a later date. The exchange enables the immediate development and construction of Phase I for Geyer Commons to begin.

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1. What is the vision for Geyer Commons?
2. What is the timeline for the development of Geyer Commons?
3. What will future phases of Geyer Commons include?
4. Why are we considering moving and/or recreating historic homes in this space?
5. How will the City of Mansfield handle the historic Rock Gym, original Mansfield High School and gazebo?
6. When will the exchange take place?
7. How does the property exchange impact taxpayers?
8. If City Hall becomes a Mansfield ISD facility, where will the City of Mansfield move?
9. How will the City pay for the Geyer Commons renovations/development?
10. What about the Mansfield Public Library and Mansfield Activities Center complex?
11. How can I utilize a maker space?
12. How did the City of Mansfield City Council and Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees agree to this proposal?
13. How will MISD'S move to City Hall impact departments?
14. Will the MISD boardroom move to the current City Council facility?