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1. There is a drainage easement in my backyard, and it's overgrown. What can I do?
2. The street in front of my house is flooding when it rains. What can be done?
3. The creek behind my house looks awful. When will the City come out to clean it?
4. The creek behind my house is overgrown and now I have raccoons and snakes. What can the City do?
5. What should I do if there is a horrible smell coming out of the pipe next to my house?
6. The ditch behind/beside my house has become filled in, and now I'm worried about flooding. What can be done?
7. What can be done about the concrete around a storm drain pipe that is cracking?
8. There was huge storm and my house has flooded. Can the City help?
9. Who should I call to report a drainage problem?