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Farr Best Theater

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The Farr Best Theater is a gem of Mansfield history. Built in 1917, the building was the site of the city’s first movie theater, run by Milton Farr and his sons Roy and Elbert. Milton Farr also built and ran the city’s first electrical plant and water system.

History of the Theater & Renovations

The theater was operated by the Farr family until 1975, when it closed. During the 1980s and 1990s the building was used as an entertainment venue by a variety of groups. Recently purchased by the City of Mansfield, the theater is undergoing a transformation and revitalization. An intimate, 158-seat venue in Historic Downtown Mansfield, the Farr Best is utilized as a community arts venue hosting movies, shows, and a variety of cultural arts events, many under the direction of the Mansfield Commission for the Arts.

The theater still retains much of the original historic charm and has hosting numerous award-winning musicians and performers, as well as community theater and children’s entertainment.
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