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Pet Licensing Form

  1. Need Help?

    If you need help with this form, please call Animal Care and Control at 817-276-4799.

  2. Owner Information

  3. Pet Information

  4. Dog or Cat?*

  5. Gender of animal*

  6. Please upload a color photo of the dog or cat being licensed.

  7. Please upload a .jpg image or .pdf of the certificate.

  8. Has your pet been spayed/neutered?*

  9. Please upload a .jpg image or .pdf of documentation of spaying or neutering of this animal (if applicable)

  10. Has your pet been micro-chipped?*

  11. Please upload a .jpg or .pdf of documentation of micro-chipping of this animal (if applicable)

  12. Would you like to pick up you're license or have it mailed to you?*

  13. Payment Instructions

    Choose one of the options below. The licensing fee is $15, but there is a $5 discount for those dogs and cats that are spayed/neutered. There is an additional $5 discount if your dog or cat is micro-chipped. Choose "0" in Quantity for each option that doesn't apply to your pet.

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    Pet License

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    Pet License - already microchipped

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    Pet License - already spayed/neutered

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    Pet License - already spayed/neutered and micro-chipped

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