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Veteran Registration Form

  1. Important Information
    This form is for residents of Mansfield, TX who are veterans. The City is creating a database to provide information to veterans on specific events and programs in Mansfield. This form should be completed by the individual whose information is being provided. This information will not be sold to companies or organizations outside the City of Mansfield.
  2. If available, please upload a photo of you in uniform during your military service.

  3. Texas Government Code Section 552.024 Public Access Option

    The Public Information Act allows certain current and former government employees and/or officials to elect whether to keep certain information confidential. Unless you choose to keep it confidential, the following information about you may be subject to public release if requested under the Texas Public Information Act. 

    Therefore, please CHECK the items you wish to ALLOW for  public release or choose NONE.

  4. Electronic Certification
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) all provided information is true 2) you have served at least 1 day active military duty and 3) you retired, were honorably discharged, or are actively serving.
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