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Zoning Change, Specific Use Permits (SUPs), Detailed Site Plan Application Resubmittal

  1. Provide the case number assigned in the review comments
  2. Which set of review comments are you responding to? For example, 1st resubmittal, 2nd resubmittal, 3rd resubmittal, etc.
  3. Provide the name of the development
  4. Document Uploads
    Attach your documents to the upload fields below. Not all documents will be required for certain projects. Contact the Planning Department for more information.
  5. Provide a PDF copy of the revised Development Plan
  6. Provide a PDF of the revised Building Elevations, preferably in color
  7. Provide a PDF of the revised Landscape Plan
  8. If required, upload a PDF of the revised Sign Plan
  9. Provide a PDF of the revised Utility, Access and/or Drainage Plans
  10. If required, provide a digital copy (DWG) of the revised property boundaries using the North American Datum 1983 (NAD 83), Texas State Plane - North Central Zone (4202), GRID Coordinates.
  11. Provide a written response to the review comments with your resubmittal
  12. Upload the Revised Legal Description
  13. Upload any other needed documents.
  14. Upload any other needed documents.
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